Calibrated Plates Powerlifting Signature Hansu KG Plates

Calibrated Plates Powerlifting Signature Hansu KG Plates

CA$ 42.00CA$ 3,229.00

Specifications: (IPF SPEC)
Type: Powerlifting
Diameter: Varies
Machine calibrated to within ±0.25% / ±10 grams

Collar Opening: 50.4MM



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These durable cast-iron KG plates are designed for the powerlifting training and meet. Each disc is cut thin to allow for max loading capacity and color-coded for easy identification from a distance. All discs weigh within 0.25 percent or 10 grams of their face value.



Weight:        25KG         20KG         15KG         10KG         5KG         2.5KG        1.25KG        0.5KG        0.25KG

Diameter:  450MM     450MM     400MM     325MM    228MM   190MM     160MM      134MM       112MM

Additional information


0.25KG pair, 0.5KG pair, 1.25KG pair, 2.5KG pair, 5KG pair, 10KG pair, 15KG pair, 20KG pair, 25KG pair, 157.5KG SET, 159KG SET, 457.5KG SET, 459KG SET

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